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Should you mount your TV above the fireplace?

Should you mount your TV above the fireplace?

Try not to mount a TV over a chimney!

Over the chimney appears to be a fine spot to put a TV, yet it’s a poorly conceived notion.

Mounting a TV up and off the beaten path over a chimney appears to be consistent, advantageous, and unquestionably cool. In any case, there are not kidding issues with such arrangement.

According to the tv installation services in the city of Toronto, if you’re anticipating viewing the TV just incidentally, that is a certain something. In any case, if this is your fundamental TV and you will watch it in excess of a couple of moments one after another, be careful.

In case you’re thinking about over the tv wall mounting, I’ll assume you’ve just thought about how you’re going to run force and sign (HDMI or remote) to the TV, and how you’re mounting it to the block/stone/whatever. These are concerns as well, however effectively fixable. There are greater issues however, as…

Survey point (otherwise known as, ‘The irritated neck’)

Ever sit in the first line of a cinema? A few people like it, yet most don’t. That irritated neck you get from gazing up at the screen? Envision that each time you sit in front of the TV. A great many people find gazing up at something for extensive stretches to be awkward.

Certainly, a few people in certain rooms won’t have an issue, however would you truly like to be searching awake for hours one after another. Assuming this is the case, acceptable on ya, however you’re in the minority.

The vast majority of us would much rather look marginally down at a TV. It’s a significantly more common position.

Since a great many people purchase LCDs (not certain why), there is an extra issue: most LCDs look fundamentally more awful in case you’re not taking a gander at them straight on. Indeed, even the couple of degrees beneath their centerline like you’d have sitting on a couch gazing toward the TV can be significantly not the same as what it resembles on-hub.

The fix for this, in case you’re determined to mounting over a chimney, is a divider mount that turns the TV descending. “Pointing” the TV toward the couch is the best way to guarantee picture quality with LCDs.

Should you mount your TV above the fireplace?

While plasma TVs are less helpless than LCDs to off-edge debasement, some have screen channels, similar to Panasonic’s “louver” structure, that can likewise diminish the picture when seen from outrageous vertical edges.

Main concern

In spite of the fact that snazzy, mounting a TV over a chimney isn’t the best thought for the you or for the TV. Situation is a major issue, and area and TV tallness can be critical variables with regards to picture quality. Look at “How to free your HDTV of reflections”, “How high should I put my TV?” and “Where should I put my TV?” for additional.


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