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The new age of custom bobbleheads

The new age of custom bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads are for every ocassion. They cover anything from birthdays to weddings to anniversaries to college graduations to fandom events. They can be wedding cake toppers for western styled weddings. They can turn into a pair of bobbleheads for anniversaries. You can gift a bobblehead wine cork stopper for birthdays of your senior colleagues. At the very least, they can be gifted as table weights. A lot of new utilities are designed for custom bobbleheads recently. They also come in funny, adult and miscellaneous themes. You can order custom bobblehead for themed parties and special events. They are one of the best affordable items you can use to decorate any special ocassion.

A truly versatile gift…

Besides all that, they do fine as standalone items too. Such is the versatility of bobbleheads as gifting items. Companies and small business can use it as their promotional material. Imagine a clinic giving bobblehead of doctor to people in the city. How much of an efficient campaign it could turn out to be? A construction company can gift bobbleheads that don a yellow mask to denote construction workers. You can also denote every profession you can think of. You do have custom bobbleheads suiting passions of your loved one. If your uncle is deep into science, you can gift him an Albert Einstein or Charles Darwin. If your grandpa is a war veteran, you can turn to military themed bobble heads.

A long history

The first industrial production of bobbleheads started in late 19th century. In many ancient civilizations the concept of bobble heads did exist. The thalaiatti bommai of Tanjore has been around since the medieval age. Since the major league basketball event, the modern bobbleheads gained massively in popularity. They are all over the internet and in some reception desks. It decorates your living rooms and car interiors. They are still trending as top gifts worldwide. The digital age assists immensely to this gift idea. Now there are tons and tons of pre-designs in addition to the idea of custom bobbleheads.


The new age of custom bobbleheads

Social media’s darling

People easily fall in love with personalized bobblehead owing to its impressive appeal. People of all ages and from different walks of life enjoy this gem of a gifting material. The massive appeal of bobbleheads is still fresh and trending worldwide. The pictures are making rounds in all of social media. They make tons and tons of Instagram post every day. The designs come from both the customers and stores too. The pictures are appealing enough to convert anyone into a customer. Being inexpensive adds more to its appeal towards general audience. These are promotions that bag most clicks and conversions these days.


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